Tuesday's Iowa State sports links

"We don't play dirty. We play physical and within the rules. I would say (Jason Klotz) is way off base."
Eustachy responds to Texas player's charge
Des Moines Register

"The memory of being in that locker room, the crowd going crazy, and coach Orr going out on the floor, we just had incredible crowds when I played."
Former ISU standout making strides as high school coach
Des Moines Register

"Any point guard I go against is going to be tough with it being my first year. (T.J.) Ford is a great player, and I'm looking forward to playing against him. I have confidence that I can go one-on-one with anybody that steps up to the challenge. (Saturday) will be just another game for me, and I just have to go out there and play."
Point guard gets tough initiation to Big 12
Ames Tribune

Eustachy, ISU keeps its focus in spite of blowout losses
Cedar Rapids Gazette

"And he's also very determined to get better defensively, and that would be his weakness right now. He's so receptive to coaching. ... He's very determined to get better and become a more complete player."
Big 12 sees influx of freshman contributors
Dallas Morning News

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