Young Commits To Iowa State

Iowa State added another 2010 commitment yesterday when Trinity Valley Community College wide receiver Chris Young chose to become a Cyclone. CSR caught up with Young to find out what led to his decision.

Cyclone Sports Report: When did Iowa State start recruiting you?

Chris Young: About a month ago I noticed that some of the Iowa State coaches were at my spring game. We started talking for the next couple of weeks and then they offered me a scholarship about two weeks ago.

CSR: Which coach have you had the most contact with?

CY: I've been talking with Coach Bray and he's been great to talk to. He's been a real straight up guy who told me that I could really fit in at Iowa State. He told me that Coach Herman from Rice is there now and that they will be throwing the ball a lot and that they can really use me.

CSR: What did he say that he liked most about your game?

CY: He liked my explosiveness and feels that in their offense that I'll be able to catch the ball and go eighty yards at times.

CSR: What led to your commitment yesterday?

CY: I just felt that growing up I really wanted to play in the Big 12 and that Iowa State just felt like the best fit for me.

CSR: What was Coach Rhoad's reaction?

CY: I called Coach Bray yesterday and told him I was committing and he told me that Coach Rhoads would call me next week when he got back from his vacation in Jamaica. He told me that he would call Coach Rhoads and tell him the good news.

CSR: What other schools had offered you a scholarship?

CY: Southern Mississippi, UAB, Kansas State, and North Texas.

CSR: How important is it that Zack Spears, your former teammate at Trinity Valley C.C. will also be playing at Iowa State?

CY: I think having a few friends there will really make the situation better. I called Zack about a week after they started recruiting me and he told me that it's a great place and that they really help you academically which is real important to me. I also grew up with Darius Darks back in Austin and we played little league and AAU basketball together and he told me that Iowa State is a real good school to go to so that was important.

CSR: What is your current height and weight?

CY: I'm 5-foot-11 and I weigh 185 pounds.

CSR: When will you take your official visit to Iowa State?

CY: I talked it over with Coach Bray and I'll be coming on September 12th for the Iowa game.

CSR: Does this commitment completely end your recruitment?

CY: Yeah, I am fully committed to Iowa State and my recruitment is over.

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