Thursday's Iowa State sports links

"We got ourselves in a hole in the first half. It's tough to be down 10 points at the half and come back. But I'm proud that we were able to make a game of this."
Host K-State fends off Cyclone women
Des Moines Register

"We're not sending two or three kids to school; we're sending 350. Hopefully, they won't be what they have in the past, but we'll have to deal with it."
Athletics being affected by jump in tuition
Ames Tribune

"Chris will be allowed to do what he wants to do. If he wants to become a starter and do the things it takes to become a starter, then he has the ability to do that. He's as quick as any front-line guy we have and he has great feet."
Alexander could provide Eustachy his ace in the hole
Ames Tribune

"It's one thing to be a talented athlete, another to be (one) who is a good basketball player and has a good sense of the game. How do you guard her? She's as advertised, without question."
Upset-minded Cyclones come up short
Kansas City Star

Eustachy, ISU keeps its focus in spite of blowout losses
Cedar Rapids Gazette

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