Barnett Glad To Be Back At Iowa State

Garland (TX) High School's Jared Barnett is back in Ames for the first time as a future Cyclone and he told Cyclone Sports Report that the feeling is a little different.

"It's definitely a different feel but in a good way," said Barnett. "Walking around with my family all over campus and knowing that this is the place that I will be going to school is just amazing."

The 6-foot-1, 185-pound quarterback who became Iowa State's first 2010 commitment back in May is in town for the Cyclone's Friday Night Lights Football Camp but due to a recent car accident he wasn't able to participate much in any of the drills. "Earlier this week a car cut me off and I ended up in a car wreck and had to go to emergency," said Barnett. "I'm okay but I'm just a little sore and stiff so I didn't do most of the drills. I met with some of the trainers while some of the drills were going on and I did eventually participate in a few passing drills."

Since his commitment to Iowa State, Barnett has stayed in close contact with the Iowa State coaching staff. "I talk a lot with Coach Wells because he is my regional recruiting coach," he said. "I also talk with Coach Herman about once or twice every two weeks."

Before his car accident, Jared said that he had been back in Texas working hard on improving his overall game. "I've gotten a lot bigger and a lot faster," he said. "I've also been throwing to my receivers to get our timing ready for the regular season."

Jared feels that he is improving and is excited at the chance of possibly playing early at Iowa State. "When I came up for the spring game I saw how talented everyone is and it just showed me that I'm going to have to come in and work really hard," said Barnett. "The thought of playing in the Big 12 has me pushing myself to work harder because I know I have to grow mentally and physically. I realize that the talent level in the Big 12 is just so much higher."

While in Ames, Jared has also got to catch up with his future head coach. "I got to meet with Coach Rhoads yesterday and it was great," he said. "We talked about the incoming recruiting class and all the renovations they are making,"

Jared has also used this trip to convince one very important person in his life that Ames is the perfect place for him to spend his college years. "My mom was real worried that I was going to school so far away," he said. "But yesterday she got to talk with all the academic advisers and the coaching staff and she is really excited for me now and feels that I am in good hands here at Iowa State. Today, we're at the the campus book store getting lots of Iowa State gear to wear back home."

Jared was also doing a little recruiting of his own last night during the camp. "I was talking a lot with (San Antonio Warren High School's) Shaban Dika and I think I talked him into coming to Iowa State," said Barnett. "I'm definitely trying to get him on board and I told him to let me know when he commits."

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