Dika Names Leader

Cyclone Sports Report was first to introduce you to Warren (TX) High School offensive tackle Shaban Dika a few weeks back. We caught up again with Shaban to find out what he thought of Iowa State's Friday Night Lights Camp this past weekend.

Cyclone Sports Report: So what did they have you do at the camp?

Shaban Dika: The main things were running the forty and doing some pro agility drills. We also did foot drills and hit the bags and then it was mainly doing one-on-one's with other players.

CSR: What did you think of your whole experience at Iowa State during the weekend?

SD: I was really surprised how nice everything was and to be quite honest with you I was really shocked. I really loved it and feel the campus was just amazing. They showed me the facilities and how they are making the stadium bigger. I got to see the plans for that and I also thought the weight room and the indoor practice facility were just unbelievable.

CSR: Did you come by yourself for the visit?

SD: No, I came with my dad and he also really loved it.

CSR: Which coaches did you talk with mostly throughout the weekend?

SD: Coach Bleil and Coach Rhoads and they are just really nice guys. Coach Bleil really has a nice personality and he seems like a really good offensive line coach. He really got along well with my father. I just really think Iowa State is going to kick up under Coach Rhoads. I know he won't give up on his team in trying to make them better and that is why love them as coaches.

CSR: Is Iowa State your leader at the moment?

SD: Yes, they are definitely my leader and Iowa State could end being the place for me.

CSR: Are you possibly going to make a decision anytime soon?

SD: I'm either going to make it at the beginning of my season or at the end of it. The Iowa State coaches were really cool about that and told me that they are going to stay in touch with me each week and that if it takes the whole season for me to make my decision then they will wait for me.

CSR: Are you going to take an official visit to Iowa State?

SD: Yes, I'm going to come back for a game but we haven't set up the date yet.

CSR: Are you looking to take any other official visits at the moment?

SD: If some of the other schools (Oklahoma State, Rutgers, Baylor, Utah, and Colorado) that are recruiting me ask me to take a visit then I probably will but we'll just have to wait and see.

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