CSR Catches Up With Melvin Ejim

Cyclone Sports Report goes one-on-one with Brewster Academy forward Melvin Ejim on where his recruitment stands as the summer winds down.

Cyclone Sports Report: Who are your current leaders?

Melvin Ejim: Iowa State, George Washington, and Boston College are my three favorites and I'm also talking with Butler.

CSR: You visited Iowa State a few weeks back for one of their camps. How did things go for you during your time at Iowa State?

ME: It was good and I feel that I played well. I got to play with Chris Colvin before he got hurt and he's a real nice player who is very unselfish. I felt I fit in and I like that I could play right away if I went there.

CSR: You are friends with Iowa State star Craig Brackins. What has he told you about Iowa State?

ME: He told me that the support at Iowa State is really great and that they really make you feel at home. Craig has been great to me and it's just feels good to have someone like him that I can talk to when I need to.

CSR: What is your relationship like with the Iowa State coaches?

ME: I would say that is very good. I have talked with Coach Otzelberger a lot and I trust him and really enjoy talking with him. I also have a good relationship with Coach McDermott. He's always making me feel at home when I am at Iowa State.

CSR: What part of your game has improved this summer?

ME: My ballhandling and my mid-range game. I also lost some weight so I think I'm a little quicker.

CSR: What are you still looking to improve on before your last season at Brewster?

ME: I still want to keep improving on my ballhandling and work on making my jump shot more consistent. I'm also working on my post game so that I can take smaller forwards down into the post.

CSR: What is your current height and weight?

ME: I'm 6-foot-6 and I weigh 205 pounds.

CSR: What do you like most about George Washington?

ME: I like that it is located in Washington D.C. because I love that area and know it well because I lived in Maryland. I also like the academic aspect there.

CSR: What do you like most about Boston College?

ME: I feel it has good academics and I think Boston is just a great city.

CSR: What do you like most about Iowa State?

ME: They have really shown me a lot of love and really have made me feel at home. I also like that I could be an impact player there right away.

CSR: Do you know what you want to major in when you get to college?

ME: Yeah, I'm going to major in kinesiology.

CSR: Does Iowa State have a good program for that?

ME: Yeah, I checked and they have a good four year program so that's not an issue with Iowa State.

CSR: When are you looking to make a final decision?

ME: I'm hopefully going to take a few more visits and then I might make my decision by the end of August. That would be the earliest that I would make my decision.

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