CSR: Five Questions With Reggie Stephens

Iowa State's Reggie Stephens is adjusting to a new position during fall camp and he talked with Cyclone Sports Report about how the transition is going so far.

Cyclone Sports Report: What are your thoughts on getting moved to the center position?

Reggie Stephens: It has been a little bit of an adjustment but it's going well. I played there a little bit during the spring and played there for one series during the spring game so I knew there was a chance this might happen.

CSR: How you are handling the snaps for the shotgun formations in the offense?

RS: It's the first time that I've been doing this since seventh grade but I think I'm doing pretty well. Since I knew we were likely going to make the switch I worked on it a lot during this summer.

CSR: How is Coach Herman's new schemes different for the offensive linemen?

RS: It's a lot different from what we ran last year. The two main differences are the new alignments and terminology that he has brought in.

CSR: How important is it that most of this offensive line returns from last year having gained a lot of experience?

RS: The cohesiveness of this unit is very key to our success this year. We all communicate really well and now we are at a point where we really read each other well and can also read what the defensive linemen will be doing.

CSR: What is the level of confidence on this team after going 2-10 last season?

RS: That's the beauty of a new season because we all start off 0-0. We feel very confident going into this season and we're just excited to get out there and prove to people what we can do.

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