CSR: Five Questions With Leonard Johnson

No true freshman had a bigger impact on the 2008 Iowa State football team than cornerback Leonard Johnson. Cyclone Sports Report caught up with Leonard after practice today to see how his first fall camp with Coach Rhoads was going so far.

Cyclone Sports Report: How are things going under Coach Rhoads for his first fall camp at Iowa State?

Leonard Johnson: I think things are going real well and Coach Rhoads stresses being physical all the time. We're doing a lot of hitting drills and form tackling. I think the biggest difference from last year is that we are stressing the fundamentals more.

CSR: Safety was a problem for Iowa State in 2008. How are converted cornerback Allen Bell and junior college transfer David Sims doing so far?

LJ: They are doing well and everyone is just really competing hard for all the positions. We know that we all have room to improve but I think they both will be a big part of our secondary.

CSR: Will you be returning both kicks and punts and also are you worried that some teams might kick away from you?

LJ: Yeah, I will be doing both and my guess is that they might try to kick away from me on kickoffs but I just have to be patient and hope that they don't kick away from me on punts.

CSR: How are things going with new secondary coach Chris Ash?

LJ: Coach Ash is just an awsome guy and we have a developed a very good relationship so far. He really puts in the time working extra with me and he always breaks things down so that it is impossible not to understand the scheme.

CSR: What did you learn last year as a true freshman that will help you the most going into the upcoming season?

LJ: I would say I learned a lot about being patient and when to take chances. I also learned to trust in my technique in order to make plays.

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