Oelwein Produces Another D-I Lineman

Iowa State relied heavily on true freshman nose guard Nick Leaders to plug some holes in the depth chart. The Cyclones' newest interior defensive lineman also has aspirations of playing early in his collegiate career.

Mammoth Oelwein prep Matthew Scherbring, a 6-foot-3, 325-pounder committed to Head Coach Dan McCarney last weekend after taking an official visit to Ames. He provides some relief for a 2003 recruiting class once lacking of bulk on the defensive side.

"He's extremely explosive and is a heck of a football player," said Oelwein head coach Jim Yokas, who is sending his second lineman to an in-state football program in as many years. "His explosiveness makes him such a great player. He generates so much strength from his hips and torso. He just explodes off the ball. I think Matt's an exceptional talent."

Oelwein offensive lineman Chris Felder signed with Iowa last season. Felder and Scherbring have some similarities and differences, said Yokas.

"Matt's just like the other kid," Yokas said. "He had a goal for it and worked real hard. Chris had a motor that ran all the time. Matt probably has a little more natural skill, while Chris at this point probably understands the game a little bit better. But they're both a lot alike, in that they're both big guys and have great feet."

Even with his former teammate in Iowa City, Scherbring had been leaning towards Ames for quite a while. Last weekend re-affirmed his beliefs.

"I had a great time this weekend," said Scherbring, who also gave Iowa and Nebraska some thought. "The Iowa State coaches were very courteous and the players we saw were very nice to us. I had kind of already made my decision earlier in the year, but I came down to visit to see if my decision still stood. It was amazing how the players and coaches treated each other. That's pretty much what settled it for me.

"I really didn't want to go with Felder. I needed to get away on my own a little bit."

Scherbring helped lead Oelwein to a 10-1 overall mark, quarterfinal berth in the Class 3A state playoffs and District 3 championship.

Utilized on both sides of the ball because of a lack of numbers, Scherbring played nearly every snap as a high school. But Yokas has no doubt where his star lineman will figure in at the next level.

"Unfortunately we had to play him on both sides," Yokas said. "If we would have had more depth, believe me, he would have just been on the defensive side. He played a lot of ball. To ask a kid that's 300-plus pounds to play offense, defense and special teams—it's outstanding for him. But he's really a much better defensive lineman. He'll be a fine tackle in college."

Scherbring concurred: "I would rather play defense. I think I'm quicker with that than trying to get around the offensive schemes and protecting people. I like to chase after people and hit them."

The 23rd known commitment for the Class of 2003, Scherbring is the second defensive lineman to commit since arriving in Ames for an official visit last weekend. He joins Hurst (Texas) Bell prep Nick Davidson, a 6-foot-4, 265-pounder.

Matthew Scherbring

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