CSR Talks With Jason Smith

Cyclone Sports Report was first to bring you the news that Melvin Ejim had committed to Iowa State. We caught up with his Brewster Academy head coach Jason Smith to get his breakdown on what Cyclone fans can expect from his star recruit.

Cyclone Sports Report: How do you thing Melvin projects on the college level?

Jason Smith: I really think he's going to have a solid college career. He's a versatile player who really excels on the defensive end of the court. He's legitimately 6-foot-6, 210-pounds but also has the frame to put on another 10-15 pounds during his career. His versatility is really shown in that he can cover two to three different positions.

CSR: What has he improved on the most in the last year?

JS: I would say his defense because what he has come to understand is that defense is the easiest way for him to get on the court. He's always been a solid offensive player but he's really become a great defender.

CSR: What are his biggest strengths on offensive end?

JS: His athleticism helps him slash to the basket and he really shoots the ball well. Overall, I'm expecting big things from him and I really think Iowa State is getting a good one.

CSR: What does he still need to improve on as a player?

JS: I would say his guard skills because he'll be a wing at the college level. He needs to keep working on his ballhandling skills in order be able to break people down off the dribble.

CSR: What type of person is Iowa State getting in Melvin Ejim?

JS: He's just a phenomenal kid who academically has a 3.6 grade point average. In his first year here at Brewster, his peers and teachers had him run for senior prefect which is essentially the same as student body president. As a first year student he barely lost to a student who had been here for four years. Iowa State is just getting a super kid. I'm really not surprised that he ended up there because nobody recruited Melvin longer or harder that Iowa State.

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