CSR Insider: The Melvin Ejim Interview

Cyclone Sports Report is first to give you this exclusive interview with Brewster Academy forward Melvin Ejim on why he is so excited to be heading to Iowa State.

Cyclone Sports Report: Why did you choose to end your recruitment and commit to Iowa State today?

Melvin Ejim: The fan support and the coaching staff was really important. The players were great during my visits and they just really welcomed me into the team. I felt like I just fit in perfectly and that Iowa State was clearly the right fit.

CSR: How much of an impact has Iowa State star Craig Brackins had on you during this process?

ME: He had such a big impact because I can really relate to him. He has just always been there to help me and to tell me about the real important things from a players standpoint. He has been an inspiration for me to want to get better so that I can go to Iowa State and achieve something great like he did.

CSR: Are you expecting to mostly play the small forward for Iowa State?

ME: Yeah, I'll be coming in as a small forward but I want to get my game to the point where I can play either the two or the three. Overall, it doesn't matter to me.

CSR: It seems that you will have a great opportunity to play early at Iowa State. How much did that impact your decision?

ME: It definitely had an impact because if I can get on the court early then I can develop quicker and get adjusted to the conference. I just feel that getting that opportunity will help me get better so that I can make a bigger impact during the next couple years.

CSR: You seemed to really become comfortable with the Iowa State coaching staff over the past year. What is it about them that you liked the most?

ME: They are just so down to earth and even though I see them as coaches on the court I also see them as a friend when I'm talking to them off the court. We formed a really solid relationship and with them I can just relate a lot easier.

CSR: So does this officially end your recruitment?

ME: Yeah, I'm fully committed to Iowa State.

CSR: Do you know when you will be taking your official visit?

ME: I'm not sure yet but it will likely be during the basketball season for one of their games.

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