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"There's a lot of people over there in Afghanistan and ready to go to war that have been up for 72 hours. Fatigue is a real good terminology, but it means nothing. These guys are young and can stay up for two weeks. If their life defended on it, we couldn't play a better game of basketball than we did (Tuesday night.)"
Cyclones falter down stretch in loss at Missouri
Des Moines Register

"They out-executed us down the stretch. This is a game we should have won. We just turned the ball over too much."
Clemons returns to lead Mizzou past ISU
Quad City Times

"He (Eustachy) is a control freak, and every coach has to be to a certain degree. But he wanted to be in complete control of every part of your life. And if you weren't helping in basketball, he didn't care."
Former Cyclones starring as teammates at South Dakota
Omaha World Herald

"This is tough. This is more than adversity. This is not a situation you ever want to find your program in. Regardless of how we feel about Ricky and what happened, it's just not a good thing."
Subject of criminal charges catches fire late to spark Tiger victory
Kansas City Star

"I guess he's saying he's going to draw it out as long as he can, so his client could play basketball."
Clemons case sparks much controversy from lawyers involved
Kansas City Star

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