Texas Running Back Enjoys Trip To Ames

Fort Worth Polytechnic (TX) High School's Duran Hollis took his first official visit this past weekend to Iowa State and came away very impressed.

"I had a really good time," he said. "I don't have any favorites at the moment but I am now definitely considering Iowa State as a place that I could go."

The 6-foot-1, 180-pound running back told Cyclone Sports Report that he enjoyed the game day festivities and that the Cyclone loss definitely did not put a damper on his feelings for Iowa State. "I got to watch the spirit walk and that was tight because there was a lot of people that showed up," said Hollis. "The game was a tough one but everyone has a bad game. The turnovers are what really hurt them but overall I like the offense they run because I'm also part of a spread offense with my high school team."

Duran has already helped his high school team to a 3-0 start by scoring four touchdowns.

He says that his recruitment with Iowa State began all the way back during the spring. "I sent them one of my tapes and then Coach Wells came down to see me practice in the spring," said Hollis. "They then offered me soon after that and I have stayed in touch with Coach Wells on a consistent basis. We have a really good relationship."

Duran also enjoyed getting to talk with Cyclone head coach Paul Rhoads during his visit. "He's just a really cool guy that is real laid back but then when it became game time he becomes really pumped up and is ready to go," said Hollis. "He told me how much he would like to have me at Iowa State and I feel like I could definitely play for a coach like him."

Duran also has scholarship offers from Houston, Iowa, Baylor, and Tulsa. He knows what he is looking for in a school but is definitely not in a hurry to make his final decision. "Academics and the graduation rate for players is the most important thing for me and just building a certain relationship with the coaches is what I consider to be the most important thing in making my decision," he said.

"Playing in the Big 12 has always been a dream of mine but I'm just not sure about where I want to go yet. I plan on taking all of my official visits and then making a decision probably late in my football season."

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