Paige Happy To Be Back At ISU For Visit

Cyclone Sports Report talks with 2012 basketball recruit Marcus Paige about his most recent visit to Iowa State.

Cyclone Sports Report: So how was your most recent unofficial visit to Iowa State?

Marcus Paige: Everything went well and it was just a real positive experience. My dad and I sat with Mike Gesell and his family at the football game and I also got to play with the team.

CSR: Reports have it that you shot really well while scrimmaging with the Iowa State players. Is this true?

MP: Well I started off slow because we had just got there but then I felt that I played pretty solid the rest of the way. I feel like I fit in with the guys pretty well. I think I shot the ball well and I think it's a result of working on it really hard. I've really tried to improve my shot and my strength during this past summer.

CSR: So are you developing some friendships with some of the Iowa State players now that you have been up in Ames a number of times?

MP: Yeah, I've now known Diante Garrett for over a year and he's been real nice to me. I also talked to Chris Colvin who I met last year when he was up for a visit and I also played with Elgin Cook who committed to them recently. He played well and is really a good defender.

CSR: You have offers from Iowa State, Iowa, and Northern Iowa. What other schools are recruiting you the hardest?

MP: I would say Minnesota and Wisconsin. Minnesota is really interested in getting me on campus and I think that there is a good chance that I end up taking a visit there. Other Big Ten schools are also talking with my high school coach.

CSR: You have talked in the past about your solid relationship with Coach Otzelberger. How are things with you and Coach McDermott?

MP: Our relationship is really a good one. I've talked to him when I'm allowed to a consistent basis. I really like how he's always working the guys to get ready. He's just very comfortable to be around. I also like that he gives me things to work on with my game.

CSR: How likely is it that you will wait until at least next summer before you make a final decision?

MP: Unless something crazy happens I don't think that there is any chance that I will make a decision this year. I really like Iowa State as a school and I really like their staff but I have not yet made a list of favorites. Things are going well for me right now and I just want to take my time and find the place that is a perfect fit for me.

CSR: Are you hoping to make it back up to Ames to visit for one of the basketball games this season?

MP: I'm definitely going to come up for at least one game. Last year we went up for the Oklahoma game and is was really a great experience.

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