ISU On Offense Against Kent State

Cyclone Sports Report breaks down what must happen on offense against Kent State in order to recover from their rough outing against Iowa last weekend.

The Cyclone Sports Report Three Keys To Look For On Saturday Evening:

1)SCORE EARLY-The Cyclones need to get the scoreboard right away for a variety of reasons. After a brutal showing against Iowa the confidence of Austen Arnaud can't be very high at the moment. If the junior quarterback can lead the Cyclones on a few early scoring drives it would certainly help that regard. Scoring early would also take some pressure of the defense which will need to be very strong on Saturday night especially considering we did not win any road games a year ago. Finally, if the Cyclones can get off to a quick start it will likely knock down the belief amongst the Golden Flashes players that they can win a game without their starting quarterback and running back.

2)CUT DOWN THE TURNOVERS-Hopefully the Iowa game was just a bump in the road because committing six turnovers makes it pretty much impossible to win a football game. Iowa State did not win a road game in 2008 and one reason is because of all the turnovers they committed. Kent State is clearly a game that they should win and likely the only way that the Golden Flashes will be able to pull the upset will be if Iowa State continues the turnover trend.

3)TRUST A-ROB- The spread offense should improve our passing game this year but with Arnaud not consistently hitting his targets so far this season there needs to be more of a focus on trying to let Alexander Robinson dominate a game. He already has 183 yards rushing and is averaging 5.2 yards per carry which are very impressive. The Cyclones need to stop throwing bubble screens that get them one yard and instead they need to pound the run game until Kent State can stop it.

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