ISU On Offense Against Army

Iowa State offense hoping to stay consistent after big showing at Kent State.

The Cyclone Sports Report Three Keys To Look For On Saturday Evening:

1)A-ROB, A-ROB, A-ROB-The junior running back may not be getting any national headlines but the junior running back is currently tied for 15th nationally with an average of 108 rushing yards per game. Iowa State must establish the running game early and often in order to control the pace of the game. If he can get off to a big start it should also help Austen Arnaud and the passing game get rolling.

2)STRETCH THE FIELD-Running the ball is the key but when Iowa State throws it they need to start taking more chances down the field. The Cyclones have a variety of wide receivers who should be able to get deep. Bubble screens are nice but they some of the spread offense is becoming too predictable.

3)STOP FUMBLING-Iowa State is the favorite for this upcoming game against Army but if they don't cut down on the fumbles that we saw a week ago this game could quickly turn in favor of Army. It's likely the only way that Army wins Saturday is if they can force the Iowa State offense to commit far more turnovoers.

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