Dika Has A Blast

San Antonio Warren (TX) High School's Shaban Dika knew he liked Iowa State during his summer visit but his trip this past weekend might have pushed Iowa State over the top.

"It went really great and everything was just awsome," said Dika. "I knew I could play for Coach Rhoads and Coach Bleil back during the camp this summer and it was really great to see them again."

The 6-foot-5, 295-pound offensive tackle is not quite ready to end his recruitment but told Cyclone Sports Report that Iowa State is clearly his leader. "I just like them a lot and they are definitely my leader," said Dika.

"I told Coach Rhoads that I should know for sure in about three to four weeks. Kansas has told me that they might be offering soon and if so I might take an official visit there. Coach Rhoads was totally cool with me taking my time and he just told me to do what I need to do before making my final decision."

Dika camped at Iowa State this summer and enjoyed himself but what he experienced Saturday was something completely different. "Right away I got to meet the team and coaches and they were all really great to me," he said. "It was the fans that really surprised me because when I was walking into the game they had pictures of me and were screaming my name. That really caught me off guard."

Shaban then enjoyed what took place after the game. "They really played well during the win and then my brother and I got to go into the locker after the game," he said. "All the offensive linemen had me come with them and then the whole team started celebrating by dumping water all over everyone. It was great to be a part of that."

Dika finished his fun Saturday by bonding with some of the other Cyclones. "My host was Kyle (Lichtenberg) and I also got to hang out with a couple other offensive linemen and James Capello," he said. "It was awsome to just hang out and we all had a really good time."

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