CSR Talks Visit With Bennett

Cyclone Sports Report talks with Houston Klein Forest (TX) High School safety Adrian Bennett about how things went during his recent official visit to Iowa State this past weekend.

Cyclone Sports Report: So how did the visit start once you got into Ames?

Adrian Bennett: My mom and I got in Friday and I was able to sit in for a lot of team meetings. I got to talk a lot with Coach Ash and it really went great. I learned a lot and he's really a great guy. I like how he demands a lot from his players.

CSR: So what did you do on game day?

AB: I had breakfast with Coach Rhoads which went well and then I had team meeting to attend. After the meetings I watched the walk through and got to see the spirit walk before heading into the game.

CSR: What did you think of the game?

AB: The environment was great and I actually felt like I was a player at times. I just love how the football team is the really the center of attention there and my mom also really loved it.

CSR: What did you think of the defense during the game?

AB: I thought they played real well. They run the same type of schemes that we run at my school and I like how they run a lot of blitzes for their safeties.

CSR: What did you do after the game?

AB: I got to walk in the locker room after the game with the team and I was part of a mini water fight as part of their celebration which was a lot of fun.

CSR: Did you get to know any of the players?

AB: Yeah, I met LJ (Leonard Johnson), David Sims, and James Smith and I really enjoyed spending time with them. I really felt comfortable hanging out with them.

CSR: Did you get to talk with Coach Rhoads on Sunday?

AB: Yeah, we talked about academics and just how they do their business at Iowa State. I really like that they have an academic director who would guide me. I asked him how they are planning to use me and he told me that would expect me to come in and compete as a freshman for one of the safety spots.

CSR: Did you take any visits before your visit to Iowa State and do you have any other visits planned?

AB: Last week I was at Minnesota and there is a good chance that I will take visits to Missouri, New Mexico and TCU. I'm just not sure yet but it's likely that I'll take all my visits before making my final decision.

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