Hubert Makes It Official

A month ago Cyclone Sports Report was first to report that Eisenhower (TX) High School linebacker Cqulin Hubert was very close to officially committing to Iowa State. On Sunday afternoon he put an end to his recruitment by committing to Iowa State.

Cyclone Sports Report: What led to you to end your recruitment today by officially committing to Iowa State?

Cqulin Hubert: I was just thinking today that a Cyclone is like a tornado and like them I feel I can pick up anything and tear up anything so it just kind of hit me that I had to be a Cyclone. So I just sat down at the table with my family and told them I was ready to commit and they fully supported me.

CSR: How excited are you to know that you will be playing your college football in the Big 12?

CH: I'm just so excited and really there is nothing like playing in the Big 12. I just thank god for helping me get in this position.

CSR: How was your talk with Coach Rhoads today?

CH: Well I knew he would be in meetings today so I first called Coach Herman because we have a great relationship and when he got on the phone he knew what was coming. So he took the phone to Coach Rhoads who was in a meeting and I told him that I wanted to be a Cyclone. He got real excited and told me that I just made his weekend.

CSR: How important is it to you that Coach Rhoads is a defensive-minded coach?

CH: I feel very good about it because it means to me that he knows what type of linebacker that I can be at Iowa State. It shows me that he understands I can be a real physical player for him.

CSR: How important was your visit in your decision?

CH: It was great because now I know how nice it's going to be when I play there. I love the fans and I like that with no pro sports in Iowa that college sports is where it's at with most of the people.

CSR: How much of a factor was it to you that three senior linebackers will be graduating at the end of the year?

CH: It was a big factor when I saw that and it really just makes me push myself to get ready for college. I know the guys that are returning are working hard up there so I need to work three times harder so I can come in and compete for a spot next year.

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