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"It's got to be up there, because we beat an outstanding team and where we've been in the season. We're 7-9, a lot of doubters and coming off a pitiful performance at home (an 86-55 loss to %%MATCH_3%%). When you throw it all in there, if you said give me the 10 best wins at Iowa State, this would be on that list for all those reasons."
Win over K-State ranks as one of program's best
Des Moines Register

"I can live with 1-for-10 shooting by Jake and 2-for-11 shooting by Tim. But I can't live with 23 turnovers. They led to too many easy baskets."
Mistakes plague Cyclones in Stillwater
Des Moines Register

"It was like, `Oh, no, what if I miss a shot? Oh, no, I made a turnover. Oh, no, my girl just scored.' Why, I'm not sure. Just the magnitude of the desire to win. I think our team really sensed that we were not on our game. And we were digging our way out of a hole from the get-go."
K-State's loss could be blamed on lackluster start Kansas City Star

Yep, Title IX is back in the news again. Right now, there is a committee in %%MATCH_2%%, and these folks seem just about ready to recommend significantly weakening Title IX. You know, not one school has ever -- ever -- been sanctioned over Title IX. Not one. Still, politicians want to weaken it.
Opponents of Title IX barking up wrong tree
%%MATCH_4%% City Star

"All of us are worried. Title IX has meant so much to our growth. We don't know what's going to happen to it."
Possible changes to Title IX concern some coaches
Kansas City Star

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