Dika Becomes The Newest Cyclone Commitment

Cyclone Sports Report was first this morning to report that Warren (TX) High School offensive tackle Shaban Dika had committed to Iowa State. We caught up with him later today to find out the factors that led to him ending his recruitment.

Cyclone Sports Report: So when did you officially commit to Iowa State?

Shaban Dika: I committed yesterday after my practice.

CSR: Did you call one of the assistants or did you call Coach Rhoads?

SD: I called Coach Rhoads and we just talked about our games from this past weekend. Then I told him that I thought it was time for me to become a Cyclone. I was just so happy and my high school coach was jumping up and down. Coach Rhoads got really excited and thanked me for the commitment. We talked a little more and then he told me that we would talk later in the week.

CSR: What were the most important factors in your decision?

SD: The coaching staff was most important to me because I just love how they are progressing with the program. The next biggest thing would be the fans. I just loved how the students were getting into the game and overall they were just unbelievable.

CSR: So was your recent visit to Iowa State the factor that clinched your decision?

SD: Yeah, it really was and I wanted to commit that day but my father and I talked and he just wanted me to think about it a little more before I made my final decision. The other night I told him that I really felt that Iowa State was the place for me and he agreed. He told me that it was my decision and that I had to do what was best for me so I decided to make my commitment yesterday.

CSR: What is it about Coach Rhoads that you like so much?

SD: I like that he's from Iowa and you can tell that Iowa State is like his family. I just really like his passion and I feel like I can trust him. The first time I was at Iowa State we just got along right away. I felt like I had know him and Coach Bleil for a real long time.

CSR: How exciting is it to know that you are going to be playing your college football in the Big 12?

SD: It's just so awsome and that is why I had a tear in my eye when I was committing to Coach Rhoads. All the hard work really paid off and I also really owe so much to my coach for helping me out. It's just the greatest feeling in the world.

CSR: Do you know what your role will be next year as a freshman?

SD: The current plan is for me to redshirt so I should be there for the next five years.

CSR: Are you planning any other visits to Iowa State?

SD: Yeah, I talked with father and I'm definitely hoping to make another one of their home games before the end of the season.

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