Randle enjoys trip to Ames

Rock Island (IL) guard Chasson Randle talks exclusively with Cyclone Sports Report about his unofficial visit to Iowa State this weekend.

Cyclone Sports Report: So what did you do when you first got to campus today?

Chasson Randle: I got to tour the new practice facility and it seems really nice. I think it's great that I could use it at any time of the day because I love working on my game. Then I met with the strength and conditioning coach and then we got a tour of the campus and I really loved what I saw of Iowa State.

CSR: What did you think of the Iowa State practice?

CR: It was a lot of fun and I got to talk with the players, coaches and even some of the alumni.

CSR: Who were some of the players that you got to talk with?

CR: I talked mostly with Chris Colvin, Craig Brackins, and DG (Diante Garrett).

CSR: What is your relationship like with them?

CR: It's great and they were telling me how they wish I was with them now and how I should commit to Iowa State. I think they're the best salesmen for the program because they go there and they enjoy it. They tell how they think I could really help the program.

CSR: What would your thoughts be on a Colvin-Randle backcourt in the future at Iowa State?

CR: Oh man....that would be great. That is something that I would really look forward to if I picked Iowa State. It would really be a lot of fun to play with Chris.

CSR: How are things going with the Iowa State coaches?

CR: I talk with Coach Robinson about each week or every other week. We have had a great relationship from the get go and I would say our relationship is really solid. I'm building a relationship with Coach McDermott and he really gave me some good advice on making my decision. He told me where he could see me fitting in at Iowa State and what I could eventually do there if I chose them.

CSR:What did Coach McDermott say your role would be at Iowa State?

CR: He said that he saw me playing both the shooting and point guard positions and that he felt that I could ultimately be one of the leaders on the team.

CSR: Do you have any other visits scheduled to other schools at the moment?

CR: No, I don't have any other visits set up right now but I might take a few during the season. Right now I'm just really focusing on the upcoming season.

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