Is West the next Iowa State commit?

After enjoying a full weekend in Ames, Jarvis West met with Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads to discuss his recruiting situation. Did the Gibbs (FL) High School wide receiver make a final decision before heading back to Florida?

"I told Coach Rhoads that I really liked everything and that I would get back to him in the next 24 hours," said West. "He was real cool about it and just said to talk to your parents and discuss all aspects before making a final decision."

The 5-foot-6, 145-pound wide receiver told Cyclone Sports Report that the weekend in Ames could not have gone better. "I got to meet all the players and coaches and everything was pretty intense," said West.

"It was great to talk with Coach (Shane) Burnham because he has been the coach that I have been speaking with the most during my recruitment. I also spent a lot of time with Coach Wells because he coaches receivers and he was real nice and told me that they wanted to use me in every way possible."

Jarvis said the game day festivities pretty much blew him away. "I took in all the players meeting before the game and then I got to watch the walk through," he said. "Getting to see the spirit walk was great because I don't even play there and there was people who saw me and already knew my name."

Jarvis also liked what he saw on the field. "The game was real intense and everybody was really into it," said West. "Their offense is very similar to what I run in high school which would make things easier for me. It just shows that they are a program on the rise."

West also enjoyed catching up with an old friend. "I spent most of my time hanging with Leonard (Johnson) because he is from the same area of Florida that I am from," he said. "He just told me to come to Iowa State and make plays. He said if you do that you'll really make a name for yourself here."

Jarvis confirmed to Cyclone Sports Report that a commitment could come on Monday and that Iowa State is clearly leading his recruitment. "We talk every week and they are definitely number one on my list because I just really like Coach Rhoads," he said. "He's calm, collected, and he just knows what he wants to do with the program."

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