ISU still the leader with George

Clearwater (FL) High School's Jeremiah George did not commit to Iowa State this weekend but he left Ames with the Cyclones clearly in the drivers seat for his services.

"The campus and the whole experience was great and everything I expected it to be," said George. "I did not commit but they are still highest on my list and this visit really pulled them a part from the rest right now. I can't stress enough how much I like Iowa State."

The 6-foot, 205-pound linebacker says he is really only looking at four schools at the moment. "Iowa State is clearly my leader and I also am seriously considering Kansas and UCF," he said. "Just recently Michigan started recruiting me so I just want to see where that goes."

Jeremiah told Cyclone Sports Report that his game day experience went as well as possible. "Getting to see the spirit walk was crazy as people were screaming my name and they had even made signs with my name which made me feel like I was a player there," he said.

"I got to sit in with the players at the defensive meeting before the game and it was great getting to see them execute what Coach Burnham had told them to do. He's been at Florida State and USF and he really seems to know what he is doing on defense. I was really excited watching their defense."

He also enjoyed getting to be a part of the post-game festivities. "After the game the players had a little water fight and Coach Rhoads gave a great victory speech," he said. "It just made me feel like I need to be a part of this program because it felt a lot like like a family."

Jeremiah ended his visit by having a very productive meeting with Coach Rhoads. "He's just real and he doesn't beat around the bush when telling you what he wants to do," he said. "He's committed to Ames and I know he plans to be there a long time. The other thing that I really like about him is the way he carries himself and how he is trying to help his players also act the right way like respectful young men."

Even though he had a great weekend at Iowa State he wasn't ready to end his recruitment just yet. "My timetable could vary from a week to a month but I told Coach Rhoads that I will keep him updated because he deserves the right to know," said George. "What I feel about Iowa State is real but I might need to take one more visit just for peace of mind."

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