CSR Exclusive: Adrian Bennett Commits To ISU

Only one Iowa State web site talks with Klein Forest (TX) High School safety Adrian Bennett and that is Cyclone Sports Report. We caught up with the star safety shortly after he pledged his commitment to Iowa State.

Cyclone Sports Report: When did you finally know that you wanted to commit to Iowa State?

Adrian Bennett: I've been wanting to commit to Iowa State for about a week and a half but I just figured that I'd let the good lord handle when I should do it. Today I just realized that I should end it so I called the coaches to commit. It was great because I got to talk with Coach Rhoads, Herman, Pope, and (Wally) Burnham.

CSR: What were the main factors that led to your commitment?

AB: The first thing is that the program is really nice and next would be the academics because I want to major in mechanical engineering. The final factor is that I really love the coaches and look forward to playing for them. Early playing time really wasn't a factor because I don't mind sitting out a year if that's what ends up happening.

CSR: What do you like about Cyclone head coach Paul Rhoads?

AB: I like that he really stays in touch with the players and I like that he really wants his players to succeed. He's just doing his thing at Iowa State and it just seems he's come back to help them turn things around.

CSR: What did defensive coordinator Wally Burnham say to you when you committed?

AB: He just said thank you and congratulated me on my commitment. He told me how much he likes my athleticism and how I lead on the back end of the defense.

CSR: How excited are you about playing your college football in the Big 12?

AB: I'm glad I'll get the chance because I always loved the Big 12 and I look forward to playing in that atmosphere.

CSR: What does your family think of your decision?

AB: My mom really likes it because she knows they'll take good care of me and my dad supported me 100% no matter what decision I made. My grandma is really excited because she'll get to see me when we play teams in Texas.

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