Mattison excited to be a Cyclone

Morton Ranch (TX) High School linebacker Floyd Mattison was not planning on ending his recruitment until next month but in recent days he realized that only one school had everything he needed.

Cyclone Sports Report: What led you to make your commitment to Iowa State today?

Floyd Mattison: I had one visit to take and that was going to be a trip to Nebraska but I knew that I just wanted to go to Iowa State so I just decided to end things by making it final. They had the three key things I was looking for which was great coaches, great academics, and the fans and the game atmosphere was amazing.

CSR: Can you talk about your special relationship with Coach Herman?

FM: We talk consistently and he and many of the Iowa State coaches have just consistently sent me the most hand written letters. It's weird because even though we had never met we just connected and he really understands me. When we finally met on my visit we hugged and now it feels like we have known each other for years.

CSR: How important is it that you are already comfortable with Coach Burnham's defensive scheme?

FM: It's all the better for me because I have played in two different defenses in high school. When I took my visit and saw that the concept that he was running was basically the same that we run now I got really excited. I just think it should be no problem adjusting to it when I get there.

CSR: Who were the other schools that you also strongly considered?

FM: Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Houston, and Auburn.

CSR: What does Coach Rhoads like most about you?

FM: He told me that they liked what I do as a player but they liked my attitude even more. He told me that he feels that I'm a player that brings enthusiasm and a passion for the game. I was definitely fired up when I heard that.

CSR: How excited are you to know that you will be playing your college football in the Big 12?

FM: It's like a dream that came true. At one time I didn't know anything about football and I certainly never realized that I could go to college to play football so this is just amazing. I didn't start playing until ninth grade so I'm just excited that I'll be playing in the Big 12.

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