CSR Breakdown: Marquis Gilstrap

Iowa State assistant coach Daniyal Robinson provides his insight on newcomer Marquis Gilstrap exclusively with Cyclone Sports Report.

Cyclone Sports Report: What has Marquis improved on the most since you guys started recruiting him last year?

Coach Robinson: Strength is definitely something that is getting better with him. He's gained about 12 to 15 pounds and he's up to about 220 pounds which should really help him. He's just so consistent and he's really playing similar to what we saw during his junior college days. He just does a little of everything and really does a nice job of taking what the defense gives him. If they take away the drive the outside shot he just goes in and makes a play. He's also really a good rebounder.

Cyclone Sports Report: What does Marquis need to keep improving on?

Coach Robinson: He's working hard on his ballhandling but he plays real smart in that regard. He rarely puts himself in a position where he would get exposed and he's real good driving the ball on the baseline. He also needs to continue to work defensively on our different team concepts.

Cyclone Sports Report: What do you see his role being this season?

Coach Robinson: He has something that is hard to teach and that is a knack to score. We expect him to be a major contributor for us and obviously we're looking for him to produce offensively on a consistent basis. He really has no ego trip and plays off Craig well. He knows when to create and when to dump it into Craig for a score.

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