CSR Breakdown: Dominique Buckley

Iowa State assistant coach Jeff Rutter provides his insight on point guard Dominique Buckley exclusively with Cyclone Sports Report.

Cyclone Sports Report: What has Dominique improved on since last season ended?

Coach Rutter: He's becoming more comfortable with Coach Mac's system and he's starting to understand more in regards to what is expected of him as a point guard. It's the toughest position on the team to play but he is really developing. He has worked really hard on his body and so at this point he is lighter and quicker on his feet. It has also improved his balance and defensively he's able to pressure the ball better. I would also say that his handle is tighter which is important because he is not a jet but he is a strong point guard that is playing with a strong feel for what we want right now.

Cyclone Sports Report: What does Dominique need to keep improving on?

Coach Rutter: We have a lot of scorers so he needs to keep showing an emphasis on having a quarterbacks mentality. He also needs to keep working on finding guys in their comfort areas. He's capable of putting the ball in the hole but we need him racking up assists.

Cyclone Sports Report: What will Dominique's role be this season?

Coach Rutter: He's clearly battling to be in the mix at point guard. We have two groups (first and second team) in practice and he's spending time with both groups. Hopefully he can be in the mix and we believe he can.

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