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"The biggest thing we can't worry about is getting anybody hurt. We have to practice like it's the first week of practice, because our team needs to get a lot tougher. We need to put them in stressful situations, break them down and then build them back up."
Cyclones embark on rest of challenging schedule
Des Moines Register

"Our problem is I think the opportunity has kind of passed us by for the most part. I'm not knocking the teams we're going to play, but I'm talking about having Kansas and Oklahoma at home. We had them awfully early, if that makes sense. Their experience and our lack of experience - it would have given us a chance if we had played them later on. Now we're talking about going on the road. But I include our team in the fact that we're better and more confident."
Conference slate not a kind one for Eustachy's team
Omaha World Herald

Iowa State Coach Larry Eustachy, during Monday's teleconference, discussing whether it's good to have a break on the schedule like ISU does until Saturday: "It is for me. I'm lying in bed right now as I'm talking to you."
Big 12 MBB Notebook
Omaha World Herald

"It's like a science. The coaches have a formula and it works. The young kids basically run the same plays we do, so it gets to the point where you just know what to do by instinct."
Future ISU center keys tradition power South Sioux City
Omaha World Herald

"There's enough games left on the schedule, I think, that you're going to have opportunities. I do think every team in our league picked in that lower echelon are improved teams with chances of perhaps going to the NCAA Tournament. There's a lot of good basketball teams, and a lot of things yet to happen that will determine how it finishes. It's still out there for all of us."
Still much incentive for Big 12's middle pack
Kansas City Star

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