CSR Breakdown: Chris Colvin

Iowa State assistant coach Daniyal Robinson provides his insight on freshman point guard Chris Colvin exclusively with Cyclone Sports Report.

Cyclone Sports Report: What has Chris improved on since his high school career ended?

Coach Robinson: I like that he's added about ten pounds to his body. He's constantly improving his ballhandling which is important because at times he's going to be running the show. As a freshman, being able to process the game is important and he's doing a better job of slowing things down. On defense his pressure on the ball is really good and he continues to gain a better understanding of our defensive concepts.

Cyclone Sports Report: What does he still need to be improving on heading into the season?

Coach Robinson: He needs to continue to communicate with his teammates which sometimes hard for a freshman but he needs to be more vocal with his teammates and to take more command at times. He also just needs to continue to gain a feel for what we want from him every day in practice as well as the games. His shot is solid but he still needs to keep working on it because he's a guy that will be expected to finish late shot clock stuff because of his creativity and quickness.

Cyclone Sports Report: What role are you looking at him to play this season?

Coach Robinson: We'd like to get him a lot of time at the point guard position and I'll think we'll get him in there with Diante (Garrett) or Dominique (Buckley) because they all bring something different to the table. He's definitely a guy who will be in the rotation and is a guy who we expect to contribute a lot this season.

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