Florida linebacker excited to be a Cyclone

The Iowa State 2010 recruiting class continued to get stronger this weekend when head coach Paul Rhoads landed a commitment from Clearwater (FL) High School linebacker Jeremiah George.

Cyclone Sports Report: We have talked a lot over the past few months and you have always told me that Iowa State was your top school. What factors finally led you to pull the trigger and officially commit to become a Cyclone?

Jeremiah George: When I went on my visit I just really felt comfortable with all the coaches and players. Leonard Johnson is from my area of Florida and he really made it feel like home. If I'm going to be living somewhere for four to five years I want to feel comfortable and I really did when I was at Iowa State. I also liked that Coach Rhoads always kept me informed about their defense and how they would use me if I went there. Then once Jarvis West committed I was real excited because it was another guy from this area which would also help make it feel like home. Lastly, I researched their psychology program and liked what I saw and so I just came to the realization that this is where I want to be.

CSR: Did you talk with Leonard since you committed?

JG: Yeah, we talk about once a week and I also know some of his family because his sister goes to my school. In fact, I just went to an Iowa State gathering down here in Florida. When I talked with Leonard about my decision he was happy and congratulated me on becoming a Cyclone. He told me that I would like it and that it was time to work.

CSR: How excited are you that Coach Rhoads is already making a lot of progress with the program in just his first season as head coach at Iowa State?

JG: When I went on my visit I was there for three days and it was easy to believe that he was making progress because I was there and saw all the good things that were happening. I watched how they prepared the team and how they interacted with the players and I told myself that this is something that I could definitely get used to in the future.

CSR: I know you have had a very close relationship with Coach (Shane) Burnham during this process. What was his reaction when you committed?

JG: He didn't believe me at first because we were just talking about how the season has been going for Iowa State. Then as our conversation was coming to an end he asked me how my recruitment was going and it was then that I told him that I wanted to be a Cyclone. I then talked with Coach Rhoads the next day and he was real excited and said he was ready to get me up there to start working. He told me that I remind him of a linebacker he had at Pittsburgh named Clint Session.

CSR: What are your expectations for next year at Iowa State?

JG: I'm coming to compete for a spot right away. The thing with me is that it's never been about starting right away but I just want to come in an contribute. Whether it's on special teams or somewhere else I just think it's amazing that I know I can do that. I just need to put my body to work and try to do everything possible so that I can eventually be a starter.

CSR: What does your family think about your decision to commit to Iowa State?

JG: My mom and dad weren't sure that I was going to commit and at first they didn't think I was ready but then when I committed they were happy for me. They liked that I was holding myself acceptable for the reasons that I chose Iowa State.

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