Caspers excited to be a Cyclone

North Dakota State College of Science offensive tackle John Caspers decided to have a little fun with his commitment to Iowa State this past weekend.

"I was at dinner last night and decided to kind of mess around with Coach Belsher," said Caspers.

"He knew that I liked what had seen all weekend and he told me that it could all be mine if I picked Iowa State. So I said if coach?, don't you mean when and then he asked me if what I was saying is what he thought it was and I told him yes which really excited him."

The 6-foot-5, 290-pound offensive tackle then had one more person that he wanted to talk to at dinner. "So then I walked over to Coach Rhoads and asked him if he could put up with me for the next two or three years and he said yes and then got really pumped," said Caspers.

John picked Iowa State over Washington State one of the main reasons had to do with location. "I measured things up with my college coach and I just decided that staying closer to home (Caspers is from Bird Island, Minnesota) was real important to me," said Caspers.

"Both schools have outstanding agronomy programs but I plan on staying in the midwest to get a job when I'm done with college so I just felt it would be wiser to stay in this region and Iowa State just felt like home."

John's decision also made someone very close to him pretty happy. "My dad is the most excited because he'll get to see me more," he said. "I surprised him also and he was really excited that I was staying closer to home. I also have some relatives that live in Iowa that will also be coming to see me play."

Casper's will be a December graduate and will begin football practice with the team this spring but that doesn't mean for sure that he will be on the field next season. "I have three years to play two and so there is a chance that I could redshirt next season," he said.

"They like me at either tackle spot and while I feel I'm strong in both pass and run blocking, I'm still somewhat new at this position. I like that Coach Bleil puts his emphasis on technique and feel that he can get me to the stage where I will have learned enough to compete in the Big 12."

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