CSR talks with DeMarcus Phillips

So why did DeMarcus Phillips sign with Iowa State on Monday? Only Cyclone Sports Report went one-on-one with the outstanding guard from Marshalltown Community College to find out that answer.

Cyclone Sports Report: How long has Iowa State been recruiting you and why did you choose to sign in the fall?

DeMarcus Phillips: They have been looking at me since my freshman year in college and I just wanted to get my decision behind me. Now I can just continue with my final season at Marshalltown with my teammates and just focus on the season.

Cyclone Sports Report: Why did you choose Iowa State?

DeMarcus Phillips: At Iowa State I was just overwhelmed with the great coaching staff because I really clicked with Coach T.J. (Otzelberger) and Coach Mac (McDermott), the players, and the fans. I've gotten to see this basketball team a lot and I love the style that they play. The practice facility being open 24-7 is great and I enjoyed it when I got to take a tour. Really the team is just like a family and I want to help them get back to the top of the Big 12.

Cyclone Sports Report: Coach Otzelberger has headed up your recruitment. What is your relationship like with him?

DeMarcus Phillips: Coach T.J. has helped me tremendously because he has helped me feel comfortable and welcome at Iowa State and I have talked with him several times during the process. He has told me about the support that you get from your teachers and from the Iowa State fans and everything at Iowa State just seemed like the right fit for me and my family.

Cyclone Sports Report: Who are some of the guys that you have become close with that you look forward to playing with next season?

DeMarucs Phillips: I'm real excited to play with Chris (Colvin)and I really hope Lucca (Staiger) and Craig (Brackins) come back. Of course it will also be great to play with Diante Garrett, big Ham (Justin Hamilton), and all the rest of the guys.

Cyclone Sports Report: What is your relationship like with Coach McDermott?

DeMarcus Phillips: It's great because he's just real with you and he has consistently touched base with me throughout the process. He's real down to earth and I just really like his style of playing up and down. I like that he's using full court pressure on defense and I can just see myself playing in his system.

Cyclone Sports Report: What do the Iowa State coaches like most about your game?

DeMarcus Phillips: My ability to make plays. I can shoot it if they need me to and if the defense comes up too close on me I can also drive to the basket. If they double team me I feel I can do a good job of getting other guys involved. Coach T.J. just told me to come in and make plays.

Cyclone Sports Report: How exciting is it to know that you are going to be playing in the Big 12?

DeMarcus Phillips: I'm overwhelmed and I would just say that Iowa State fans need to buckle their seat belts because it's going to be a long and fun time next year.

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