ISU on offense against Missouri

What will Iowa State offensive coordinator Tom Herman have in store for the Missouri defense on Saturday?

The Cyclone Sports Report Three Keys To Look For On Saturday:

1)-AUSTEN NEEDS TO TAKE CHARGE-Junior quarterback Austen Arnaud must step up his game as his second season as the starting quarterback is now winding down. Arnaud has played very well this year at times but has yet to takeover a game and lead the Cyclones to victory against a solid opponent. What a great sign for the future it would be to Cyclone fans if the Ames native stepped up in Columbia on Saturday and could lead the Cyclones to a seventh victory and essentially guarantee a bowl game for Cyclone Nation.

2)KEEP RIDING THE A-ROB TRAIN-Austen will need to make big plays in order for Iowa State to come out victorious on Saturday but if Alexander Robinson doesn't have a big day, the Cylones will likely be in a world of hurt. The Iowa State needs to keep the Missouri off the field so a healthy dose of A-Rob would be huge in controlling the clock while moving the ball. He has clearly been the best Iowa State offensive player all year long. No reason to go away from what you do best in the last week of the regular season.

3)MAHONEY MUST BE CLUTCH-Iowa State fans have had to endure way too many missed field goals in big games or games late in the season that just crushed their hopes. If the Cyclone defense can control Missouri's offense, Iowa State likely should have a chance to pull out the road upset. The guy who could be right in the middle of this chance is Cyclone kicker Grant Mahoney. He has been pretty solid this season but he will ultimately be judged on what he does in the big games. Will he step up if the game is on the line and finally give the Cyclone fans something to cheer about when it comes to late field goals?

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