CSR Exclusive: The Melvin Ejim Files Volume.1

Melvin Ejim has joined the Cyclone Sports Report team to provide Iowa State fans with a season long journal on how things are going for him in his final season at Brewster Academy.

Hey Cyclone fans,

I am going to be doing this journal all year long and that way you'll be able to keep up with how things are going at Brewster for us in my final season.

Our season has got off to a great start as we are 4-0. The first couple games were rough because the guys were getting used to really playing with each other and finally having an actual game. However, we're coming along and I think we are going to have an exciting year.

It's my senior year and I have been appointed a captain which is interesting because I'm not a really loud or outspoken guy. I keep to myself on the court as I like to go about my business but apparently I have a poker face or something. So this is something new for me to have to fill this leadership role and to set a good example for others but I like that I got the job.

I'm also happy about DeMarcus Phillips signing with Iowa State. I don't know him personally and have not seen him play but I'm excited we got another good recruit for the class of 2010 and can't wait to go down there and start playing. Even though I'm Canadian I'm not a real big fan of winter and I heard it gets pretty cold in Ames so I'm not looking forward to that but otherwise I wish I could be down there right now.

I have been keeping up with all of the Iowa State games and I watched the first two recaps of the exhibition games. I received some play by plays on face book by some young fans which I appreciate and I watched the most recent game on the internet. The Cyclones are coming along well as guys look really athletic. I hope Laron's knee gets better and I cant wait until I'm up there in February for my official visit.

Hope you enjoyed the first journal which will be the first of many to come this season.


Melvin Ejim

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