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"I've been a big fan of coach Knight," said freshman starter Adam Haluska of Carroll. "I grew up watching Iowa and the Big Ten, and I always thought coach Knight brought excitement to the game. I even remember reading "Season on the Brink" when I was a kid."
Tech coach Knight returns to Hilton Coliseum
Des Moines Register

Last week, Texas Tech basketball coach Bob Knight reached a new plateau - his 800th career win. In honor of Knight's first visit to Ames tonight as coach of the Red Raiders - and Valentine's Day - here's how the milestone might have been recorded by the greats of English prose:
Keeler: Blends in some humor with Knight's trip to Ames
Des Moines Register

"I don't think you can blot anything like that out completely. Missouri did whatever they wanted to."
Avenging thrashing on ISU's mind in Columbia
Des Moines Register

"I think it has more to do with what the rotation has been and what the situation's been. It's just a matter of earning that time in practice. We looked at playing him at some small forward in practice last week, but the situation hasn't presented itself in games yet."
Lone Cyclone senior finds himself lost on bench
Ames Tribune

Knight was whistled for a second-half technical and later called the Big Eight official who stuck him with the foul "a fat SOB who belongs about nine leagues below where he is."
Knight's return invokes memories of past ventures to Ames
Quad City Times

"I feel we have to first win on the road (today). We have to get a little build-up, a little momentum. Then we'll see what we do against Oklahoma at home (Saturday). I think if we get those games, we could get really good momentum, and we can finish strong."
Tech searches for win on the road
Lubbock Avalanche Journal

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