Q&A with Meyer and Schemling

Quarterback Bret Meyer and offensive lineman Tom Schmeling were part of something special in Atlantic last fall. Meyer led the Trojans to a state championship, and did it for his friend Schmeling who had been lost for the season with a knee injury. Those are memories that won't soon be forgotten, although the two will be beginning the next chapters of their lives at Iowa State very soon.

Shortly after long-time Atlantic teammates Bret Meyer and Tom Schmeling signed on the dotted line as members of Iowa State's 2003 recruiting class, Cyclone Nation contacted the two for a question-and-answer session on the whole recruiting process.

CN: Let's start with you, Bret. Not many high school seniors can end their football careers the way you did – hoisting the Class 3A championship in the UNI-Dome. What did that experience mean to you?

Meyer: It was a great way to go out. The kids that I played with, I had played with my whole life. That was icing on the cake. We worked so hard for it and it was great to get it, especially for Coach Schelling. You know what it feels like to be on top, so I guess that can help you as a leader at the next level.

CN: On the other hand, Tom, was it hard watching your teammates surge to a state title and be left watching from the sidelines?

Schmeling: I knew that I'd put in my time and did my part to get everybody to where we were. One way or the other, we still got the championship. I was happy. Bret had an awesome state tournament and played great. He did his part for the team this year and for the future as well."

CN: That future will be in Ames as members of Dan McCarney's 2003 recruiting class. We'll ask each of you this question. What was it about ISU that sold you the most on the program?

Meyer: Coach McCarney is top of the line and just being able to play for him and all of the other coaches is going to be great. I had a great time at camp mingling with some of the other guys who had already committed. It seemed like a great place.

Schmeling: Just going to camp and being around all of the coaches made the decision for me. I got to see how the program runs, how everything works and the enthusiasm that everybody has about what the program is and what it can be. We've got a great group of guys coming in, which is all the better. That means we're only going to improve, which is a great feeling. I'm going to get to play with those guys and am in the same group as them coming in.

Iowa State's close to home. I went to a few of the games this year, and it was a great atmosphere particularly for the Nebraska game. The fans are awesome. Being from Iowa, it's another cool thing.

CN: What does it mean to experience your college years together?

Meyer: Going up there with Tom means a lot. We've been together since we were 10 years old playing every sport together. It's going to mean a lot to have somebody that you have played with. I'm going to go through everything with somebody that I know well. I'll have somebody right there with me that I'm close to.

CN: Tom, what are some of your goals for when you and Bret get to Ames?

Schmeling: I'd like to accomplish everything I can. I always want to fight to get higher. Realistically, I want to be playing by my second year. I hope to make my mark.

CN: Bret, you have a mentor unlike many other high school recruits. What kind of tutelage has former Miami Dolphin standout offensive lineman and Iowa State graduate Keith Sims provided?

Meyer: He's meant a lot to me and kept my head straight. He is a great role model to have. In addition to being an all-pro, he's a great guy too. I ask him about football a lot, because he knows so much about it. It's fun to pick him about it and ask him questions.

CN: How have you improved as a quarterback since going into last summer's padded camp in Ames?

Meyer: I'd say I'm a lot better now. I improved throwing the ball this year. I learned a lot at camp, just with making reads and reading defenses. Nothing works better than experience. I've come so far since my sophomore year. I've become a lot better at throwing the ball, reading defenses and better speed.

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