Meet Geoff Groselle

One player that Iowa State has began looking at for its 2011 recruiting class is Plano (TX) West High School's Geoff Groselle.

"I've been talking with Iowa State for a while now," said Groselle. "Coach Rutter is recruiting me and he seems like a nice guy. We just talked the other day and they have been down to see me at practice this year. They haven't offered yet but I think there is a chance that they might in the near future. I'd definitely be interested because I have family in Des Moines."

The 6-foot-11, 225-pound center has two offers so far but has seen his recruitment start to grow in the past few months. "I have offers from Utah and the Citadel," said Groselle. "Along with Iowa State, I've also heard from Texas, Oklahoma State, Stanford, and Florida."

Geoff is hoping to take a visit to Iowa State but like his future college decision it's not likely going to happen for a while. "I think there is a good chance that I will take a visit to Iowa State but it will probably have to wait until after my season," he said. "In regards to picking a school that probably won't happen until the beginning of my senior season."

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