Larry Eustachy's Weekly Teleconference

Iowa State head coach Larry Eustachy spoke with the Big 12 media Monday morning via teleconference about his team's pending matchup with Texas A&M Wednesday in College Station.

Thoughts on what happened yesterday in Lawrence:

"I got a few technicals, which requires you to leave the game. There was a little pushing action at the other end, so that requires technicals.

"We lost the game, but I've never been more proud of a team and never had a team more together. There seems to be some rift that this team isn't together. I don't know why that's out there. It doesn't really matter if that's out there or not. Our team is real close and we feel real comfortable coming down this home stretch. Whether we win one or not, we're as good as we've been all year long."

On whether Kansas' Aaron Miles should have been thrown out:

"I can't answer that. I don't know the rules about that."

On preparations for Texas A&M game Wednesday:

"Melvin (Watkins) has done a great job. We need a win desperately, but so do they with what they're trying to do. Again, we're catching a team coming off a loss that's going to be very difficult to beat. They have some great players and have proven it with some of the wins they've had. We've got to get to their shooters, contest shots and limit teams to one shot, particularly them. We've got to stop them in transition.

"We need to get our game on the court, which we're doing better at. But these games just seem to come at you. Texas A&M is a tournament possible team. They're that good."

On what Jake Sullivan has given team this season:

"It would help if he had more experienced guys around him. When we give him more athletes next year, he should benefit. I think he's carrying too much of the load and it's awfully difficult for him in his position to do that. He's not a post player or a point guard.

"But he has really gotten better at the game of basketball. He can play make now and is not just a jump shooter. He's our heart and soul, our leader, and is becoming more vocal. I've never had a guy make more progress in the time he's been here."

On prospects of student-athletes being paid:

"I think it's great. For some of them, with their backgrounds, they hardly have enough money to eat properly on. A lot of them really struggle. I think we can do more with the money that's made. I think they should (be paid). They create a lot of revenue. A lot of people get rich over them, including the coaches.

"To take a stipend out of the coaches check to do something like that, I don't think there would be a coach in the world that would be opposed to it. I wouldn't. I've read an article about, ‘Larry open up your wallet,' and I wouldn't be opposed to that at all. It would be great if we could form some type of coaches contribution along with the NCAA's money.

"You don't want to give them $20,000 a week, but you're talking something reasonable. An extra hundred a week would go a long ways. They're not the normal student and are asked to do a lot of stuff outside of the classroom."

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