Phillips excited to be back for post-season

After breaking his forearm late in December it seemed like future Iowa State guard DeMarcus Phillips might have to miss the rest of his sophomore season at Marshalltown Community College. But this was not the case as Phillips returned this past week to play the final two games of the regular season. CSR caught up with DeMarcus to see how he feels being back after missing nearly two months.

"I feel like I'm about 90% back," said Phillips. "The injury is fully healed but it still gets soar at times. I was a little bit nervous about getting the arm hit but it didn't happen in the first game. Then in the game on Saturday it got hit and I felt fine."

Marshalltown split the two games that DeMarcus returned for and in many ways he didn't seem to miss a beat. He scored 19 points, grabbed 7 rebounds and dished out 6 assists in his first game back and then on Saturday he had 13 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists.

"I didn't expect it from him right away," said Marshalltown head coach Brynjar Brynjarsson. "He had no practices before the game on Thursday so he really exceed our expectations. Our trainer did a great job with him in regards to running and shooting."

DeMarcus is especially excited for Marshalltown's first tournament game tonight against Indian Hills. "I just hope we can keep our season going," he said. "The first two games I didn't play the whole game because of my conditioning but tonight I think I'll be able to."

Brynjarsson won't be surprised at all if Phillips has a big game tonight.

"The bigger the game with DeMarcus the better he plays," he said. "The passion that he has for the game is huge and it really showed in the first two games that he was back. He had the whole team slapping the floor on defense and it was just great to have him back from a leadership standpoint."

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