Clark Names His Top Four

So where does the recruitment for John A. Logan (IL) forward Andre Clark currently stand? He told Cyclone Sports Report in this exclusive one-on-one interview.

Cyclone Sports Report: Do you have any favorites right now?

Andre Clark: Right now I'm down to four schools and they are Iowa State, TCU, Ole Miss, and Penn State.

Cyclone Sports Report: What are your thoughts on Iowa State?

Andre Clark: I like them a lot and they have been recruiting me the whole year where some of the other school kind of jumped in during the season. They have been sticking with me and they really like my game. I guess they recently lost one of their bigs (Justin Hamilton) to a transfer and so they feel I can come in and be that guy. They like my character, leadership skills, and my athleticism.

Cyclone Sports Report: Who is mainly recruiting you for Iowa State?

Andre Clark: Coach (Daniyal) Robinson and we have a pretty good relationship. He's always been straight up and honest with me which I really appreciate.

Cyclone Sports Report: Have you also talked at all with Coach McDermott?

Andre Clark: Yeah, we've talked a few times and he was just in to see me play yesterday. He just let me know that he really likes my game and him and I are just continuing to develop a relationship.

Cyclone Sports Report: What are your main strengths as a player?

Andre Clark: I would say my versatility because I can face up and shoot it, I'm a pretty solid passer, I can post up and score, and I'm a solid rebounder so I feel that I can fill a lot of roles inside for a team.

Cyclone Sports Report: What is your current height and weight?

Andre Clark: I'm 6-foot-9 and I weigh 220 pounds

Cyclone Sports Report: Do you currently have any visits set up?

Andre Clark: I will be visiting TCU and I likely will be taking a visit to Iowa State. I could end up taking some more but I'm not sure yet.

Cyclone Sports Report: When will you likely make your final decision?

Andre Clark: I'm just not sure yet but it will likely be sometime during this next month.

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