CSR talks with Darius Reynolds

Cyclone Sports Report recently caught up Iowa State wide receiver Darius Reynolds to see if he is fully recovered from last year's ankle injury and to see how things have been going so far during spring practices.

Cyclone Sports Report: So when did you start feeling fully healed?

Darius Reynolds: When I was at the practices for the bowl game in Arizona. It was still a little sore when I would cut but it was just great getting back on the field for practices to be a part of the bowl preparation even though I couldn't play in the game.

Cyclone Sports Report: How tough was it to have to sit once you realized that you were out for the season?

Darius Reynolds: It was tough but at least I got to dress for the bowl game and support my teammates. They did great getting the victory and I was just really proud of them.

Cyclone Sports Report: How excited are you that you still have two years of eligibility left?

Darius Reynolds: When I first found out that I would have to miss the rest of the season I was really down. But then when I found out that I could still play two more years I got really excited. It's amazing that I could get that experience and still have two seasons left. It could end up being a blessing in disguise.

Cyclone Sports Report: You got to play in the first four games of the season. How were things different than when you played in junior college?

Darius Reynolds: In junior college I was usually the first or second fastest player on the field and that was definitely not the always the case last season. The linebackers at this level are really fast and I watched a lot more film last season. I was able to really see what the defensive backs do by doing a lot more studying each week.

Cyclone Sports Report: Were you happy with how you played?

Darius Reynolds: Not really because I feel like I could have done more. I was out there trying to do what they needed but I feel I could have made more big plays. I need to stop trying to make too many cuts and to just run straight on some plays just so I can pick up as many yards as possible.

Cyclone Sports Report: Early on in the season, Austen Arnaud seemed to look your way a lot of the time. Were you two able to work out at all once you were recovered from your injury?

Darius Reynolds: Austen and I hooked up some during the summer and kept it going before we be put on pads. We started to develop a good connection last year and I just hope we can build on it going into this season.

Cyclone Sports Report: What are you looking to improve on during spring ball?

Darius Reynolds: I need to get bigger and to add more weight. I want to get stronger so that I can be more of a physical blocker. I'm working on my speed and studying a lot of film. I also want to improve on running routes.

Cyclone Sports Report: What was it like being part of Coach Rhoads first team at Iowa State?

Darius Reynolds: It was great and there's a big-time family atmosphere here at Iowa State under Coach Rhoads. Everyone was always hanging out and we've all become real close.

Cyclone Sports Report: What does the offense need to improve on heading into next season?

Darius Reynolds: As receivers, I see two things that we have to get better at for next year. I think we need to do a better job of blocking on the perimeter and I think we need to turn more 8-yard catches into 80-yard touchdowns. Some of our 6-yard hitches went for 20-yards but we need to turn more into big plays that become touchdowns. I think it's going to happen because I'm already seeing it in practice.

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