CSR talks with Chris Colvin

Could freshman point guard Chris Colvin be reconsidering his transfer from Iowa State now that Fred Hoiberg has been hired as the new coach at Iowa State? Cyclone Sports Report caught up with Chris to get his take on the new hire.

"I've got to talk more with my family about what I want to do and I also have to talk with Jamie Pollard and Coach Hoiberg before I would make any final decision," said Colvin. "If I had a good talk with Jamie and Coach Hoiberg there is big chance that I would consider coming back to Iowa State."

One player that would love to see Chris back in an Iowa State uniform is LaRon Dendy.

"I spoke with LaRon today and he's real excited about Hoiberg being hired," said Colvin. "He's pushing me as a good friend who has always been there for me to come back. I would love to play with him and the rest of these guys but I just have to wait a few days to see what happens."

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