Ejim excited to still be a Cyclone

While things did a get a little nervous for Brewster (NH) Academy forward Melvin Ejim over the past few days, all it took was one question to confirm that he would still be playing for Iowa State in the future.

"I was talking with Coach T.J. (Otzelberger) after Coach Hoiberg had been hired and he asked me if I still wanted to be a Cyclone," said Ejim. "I just told him that if he was going to be there then I was going to be there. I had liked what I had heard from Coach Hoiberg but most important to me was that T.J. would still be there. We've just really developed a great relationship and so when Coach Hoiberg kept him that just solidified the deal for me. I just really trust T.J. and he's definitely someone that I can rely on."

Melvin said that his first conversation with Hoiberg could not have gone better.

"The night before his press conference he called me and I got a really good vibe from him because he just really did a good job of communicating with me," said Ejim. "He seemed honest and legitimate and I liked how he talked about how the team was going to really work on player development and he told me that he expected to make me the best player that I can be."

Ejim said that that the rest of the 2010 recruiting class is all on board with the new hire.

"I've been talking with DeMarcus (Phillips), Jordan (Railey), and Eric (McKnight) and they all seem excited," he said. "It's just a feeling of a new beginning and we're all amped up to begin. We feel if we play as a team that we can make some noise next year."

Ejim said that he didn't realize at first how big the return of Hoiberg to Ames really is for Cyclone fans.

"I didn't really know much about him at first but then I started hearing about the Mayor and people were posting on Facebook that it's Mayor Time and I started realizing that he was pretty popular," he said. "I probably won't fully grasp how big he is there until I get to Iowa State."

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