Dagel excited about Iowa State offer

Cherokee (IA) Washington High School's Brock Dagel received his first offer from Iowa State this spring and he recently told Cyclone Sports Report that he is very impressed with the Cyclones.

"I went up on a Junior Day visit to Ames and it was during that visit that Coach Rhoads pulled me into his office and offered me a scholarship to Iowa State," said Dagel. "He told me what kind of player that they were looking for and that he felt that I fit that type of player. I was really caught off guard and was not expecting it all. I was just really excited to have an offer to Iowa State."

The 6-foot-7, 250-pound offensive tackle said that Rhoads made it very clear on why they chose to offer him a scholarship.

"He said they really like my athleticism and quickness for an offensive tackle," said Dagel. "He told me that they like my foot speed and that he felt I had a lot of upside. He said that they were looking more for offensive linemen who were already tall and athletic like myself who they could help teach skills to once they get there."

Dagel came away very impressed with the Iowa State head coach. "He's just a great guy and really down to earth," he said. "He doesn't think he's better than anyone and he just made things seem like it's a real family atmosphere at Iowa State."

While it was Rhoads that made the offer to Dagel, it has been the relationship that Brock has been developing with Cyclone offensive line coach Bill Bleil that could be the ultimate key to landing a commitment.

"Coach Bleil started recruiting me at the end of my sophomore season and we just really have a great relationship," said Dagel. "I really like him and when I went up for Junior Day I loved how he ran practice with the offensive line."

Brock told Cyclone Sports Report that while he's not ready to name any leader at this time, he definitely is very high on Iowa State.

"Coach Rhoads did a great job of turning around the program last year and they are really on the rise," he said. "I think they will be doing some special things in the future so it really gets me excited that they offered me a scholarship. It's a great place to be with solid facilities and a campus that is very easy to get around."

Brock plans to major in engineering and said that three things are very likely about his final decision.

"There is a very good chance that I will be making my decision before my senior season and I would also prefer to stay in state," he said. "I also think that no matter where I choose that I will very likely be redshirting my freshman season."

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