Breaking down Anthony Odunsi

Cyclone Sports Report caught up with Travis (TX) High School coach Craig Bronson to get the inside scoop on Iowa State's latest 2011 commitment.

Cyclone Sports Report: What kind of basketball player will Iowa State be getting in Anthony Odunsi?

Cyclone Sports Report Coach Bronson: He's really an all-around basketball player. He can play point guard or the wing. He can shoot it and he's real strong at getting to the basket. We even post him up against smaller players because he's got good post moves.

Cyclone Sports Report: What type of person is Iowa State getting in Anthony Odunsi?

Coach Bronson: He's just a fantastic young man. He's never in trouble and he very coachable. If my son turns out as well as he has then I'll be pretty happy. He works his butt off and he's very well deserving of the opportunity to play at Iowa State.

Cyclone Sports Report: How has Anthony improved over the past year?

Coach Bronson: The number one thing would his ball handling. He wasn't our primary ball handler his freshman and sophomore season but this year the ball was in his hands a lot and he really did a good job against pressure defense. His defense has also really improved as well as his outside shot. He only shot three three-pointers his freshman season and then he shot 36% as a sophomore. Last year he actually hit a slump for a while and then he really did a great job making three-pointers down the stretch of the season.

Cyclone Sports Report: What does he still need to improve on heading into his senior season?

Coach Bronson: I think like most high school players that he still needs to have a sense of urgency on the defensive end during every possession. I'm trying to get him to understand that you have to do that in order to play at the college level. He also needs to continue to become a true point guard. He's played against great competition because we play in one of the toughest districts which is good because he playing point guard in the Big 12 is a huge step up.

Cyclone Sports Report: Is there a player in college or the NBA that his game can be compared to?

Coach Bronson: One player would be Jon Scheyer in that he can play both the one and two in the backcourt. I also think he has some similarities to Deron Williams in that he can shoot it better than the average point guard.

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