Iowa State Signee Q&A: Ron Prelow

Cyclone Nation caught up with one of Dan McCarney's 26 signees for the 2003 recruiting class. Tampa (Fla.) Jefferson inside linebacker Ron Prelow played on a dominant high school team and was somewhat overshadowed by a deep senior class of D-I signees. But Prelow says he's ready to step out of that shadow in 2003.

CN: Start by talking about the experience of signing with Iowa State early last month.

Ron Prelow: It meant a lot. It was one of my dreams to go this school. Iowa State is it.

CN: Was it nice to end the whole recruiting process?

Prelow: Oh yes. It got on my nerves – all of the pressure and stress. It was pretty stressful.

CN: What do you plan on doing this summer to prepare yourself for Iowa State football?

Prelow: I'm going to be heading to Iowa State in July, probably a little after the Fourth. I'm going to be up there early. I want to get familiar with the program, so I can be ready when fall comes around. I'm working out right now, but I'd like to know what I need to do in order to play right away, whether that's my speed, agility and quickness, or plays. That's what I'm going to work on. I want to be a step ahead of everybody else.

CN: So you're not going to be involved in any sports over the spring and summer?

Prelow: I was going to get involved in track, but I started working at a job. That doesn't really permit me to do track. I'm working at Home Depot. I'm a lot assistant, driving the buggies and helping customers getting stuff to their car. I just started. It's a lot of fun.

CN: Any particular players up at Iowa State you've become good friends with?

Prelow: JaMaine Billups is real cool. One player they call ‘Flip' is real crazy, real funny. He plays defensive back. Mike West, who's coming up with me, is cool too.

CN: What were the top factors involved in you becoming a Cyclone?

Prelow: They were with me from day one and showed me some loyalty. They were straightforward. That's what I was looking for in a school and football program.

CN: Are you going to stay at inside linebacker?

Prelow: I feel I've got the good eye and instincts for it, so I might as well stay at MIKE linebacker. No reason to change it. I've got to be in the heart of everything. My instincts have developed and gotten better. I'm able to hit the holes quicker where the running back's going. I've gotten to the point where I know the play before it even happens.

CN: Have you laid out any goals for your true freshman season at ISU?

Prelow: Not yet, but the number one goal is to win and go to a bowl game. I want to go bowling my first year in college.

CN: Was there any certain experience in high school you feel has best prepared you for Division I ball?

Prelow: Just playing at Jefferson this season was great. It was something I had never experienced before. I was at Sickells before and was just around average players. I needed to be in a better environment, so I transferred to Jefferson. They showed me a different side of things. I knew I could be a Division I player, and playing with those guys helped me improve a lot.

CN: Making a run to the state championship game had to be a memory you won't soon forget.

Prelow: I had never been to the playoffs, but after getting there it was like I'd been there before. I was very professional with it. As the season went on, I got a whole lot better. As the playoffs went on, I got a hundred percent better each game.

CN: How will that experience benefit you at Iowa State?

Prelow: In the past I never really won that much, but after doing that and going on the little run, it lets me know that if I put my mind to it I can get things accomplished.

CN: Because of the fact Jefferson sent so many players to the next level, were you overshadowed a bit by some of the bigger names in the class?

Prelow: Well, yeah. If I would have come a year ahead of time, yeah. But I'm not saying that Iowa State's not a great school, either. But, I do feel I was underrated.

CN: Another linebacker Iowa State recruited hard was your teammate Josh Balloon, who ended up at South Florida. Do you two still plan on staying in touch?

Prelow: Even before Jefferson, we were already friends. We grew up playing little league together. We went to the same middle school together and stayed friends through high school.

CN: Any other teammates you plan on staying close to?

Prelow: Me and Johnathan Bailes have a real good relationship. We're going to stay friends. He's going to San Diego State. As a matter of fact, I'm heading over to his house right now.

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