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"Just being able to hang with him before and after the game - that's what I'm looking forward to. He's seen me play on TV, but we haven't seen each other in person for about nine months. That's what's significant about him being at the game."
Vroman's father to be in attendance Wednesday night
Des Moines Register

"I'm progressively feeling more used to the Iowa State system and I feel like my knee is getting better. Sitting out a year, it takes a awhile to adjust to a new team. Everyone on our team has new roles this year."
O'Neil starts to hit her stride
Des Moines Register

"We only beat Kansas by two points here, and it seems like in the past, they've always played us tough. We always get their best shot, and at least ever since I've been here, it's always been a big game for us. They seem to play their best game of the season against us. I think they take it to another level when they play us. We can't take them lightly because of their record or place in the Big 12 standings.
Iowa State will get one of Jayhawk's better games
Ames Tribune

"Rickey's been terrific down the stretch, particularly on the defensive end of the court. He's doing the things that good players need to do late in the season — find ways for their teams to win games."
Mizzou gets surge in play from junior Paulding
Quad City Times

"We have to play at a high level to have any chance. It's hard to do that night in and night out."
Tigers, Cyclones meet in Ames
Omaha World Herald

"It's just part of me being a humble guy. I'm learning as the team's learning. Last year, I could kind of defer to Kareem (Rush) and Clarence (Gilbert). A little bit this year, it's been Ricky Clemons has been hot and A.J. has really been going for us. Early in the season, I could defer to those guys."
Mizzou guard stepping up to the plate
Kansas City Star

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