CSR talks with Jeff Woody

One player who stood out in a big way during spring football practice was walk-on running back Jeff Woody. Cyclone Sports Report recently caught up with Jeff to see what has led to his move up the depth chart and what kind of influence Alexander Robinson has had on him as a running back.

Cyclone Sports Report: How did you improve over the last year?

Jeff Woody: We had developmental scrimmages last year which I think really helped me in regards to getting used to the game speed and the amount of talent at the college level. It also gave me time to get a solid grasp of the playbook and to learn my blocking assignments. Coach McKnight has also helped me a lot with my strength and speed.

Cyclone Sports Report: How does it feel to be moving up the depth chart?

Jeff Woody: It feels like a payoff for all the hard work that I have put in over the past year. I'm not the strongest or fastest player on the team but I'm definitely going to try to be the smartest and hardest worker out there. My attitude is just to show what I can do and the rest will take care of itself.

Cyclone Sports Report: You put up amazing numbers at running back in high school. Did you always have an inner confidence that you could play at this level?

Jeff Woody: One of the reasons that I came to Iowa State was for academic reasons but hearing Coach Rhoads belief in me when he was recruiting me reaffirmed the confidence that I had in myself that I could play at this level. After spending my first year here at Iowa State I know that I can do this and I feel that I'm fitting in at this level.

Cyclone Sports Report: What have you learned from Alexander Robinson?

Jeff Woody: To always listen to the coach because they are almost always right. I know that sounds obvious but he tells us it in a way where we really can take what they are saying to us and apply it to the field. He really did a good job of making sure we are always trusting what they are telling us. I also watched how he prepared himself and how he did a lot of extra things to make sure he was ready. He really pushed us on not just knowing our assignment but on knowing where the offensive linemen are supposed to be on a play and really envisioning the play before it happens.

Cyclone Sports Report: What are your expectations for the upcoming season?

Jeff Woody: I hope to see the field in some form so that I can contribute as much as possible. Right now I'm on the kickoff team and kick return team so I just want to fit into my role and help the team win games.

Cyclone Sports Report: What advice do you have for the walk-ons joining the Iowa State roster this season?

Jeff Woody: My advice to them would be that it everything will be okay. When you go through it you hit a wall where you question yourself on why you're doing it. With all the time and effort put in and time away from classes it wears on you but in the end it is all worth it. I would tell the group coming in that you are joining the Cyclone family and they will believe in you and that you will find friends that will help you get through it all.

Cyclone Sports Report: How do you feel the team will do in the 2010 season?

Jeff Woody: I think this team has a new level of confidence coming off last year's bowl win. When I came in there was a certain degree of uncertainty because we had a new staff. After going through last year, we know what they say will be successful. We definitely believe that we're going to be a good team so we'll just play hard and see what happens when it comes to results.

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