Texas safety commits to ISU

It was a nervous few weeks for North Mesquite (TX) High School's Jared Brackens as he waited to see if the Iowa State Cyclones would remain as part of the Big 12 Conference. Once things got confirmed that the Cyclones would be staying with the Big 12 his decision became very clear.

"I committed to Iowa State yesterday and Coach Rhoads got real excited," said Brackens. "I told him that I was sorry that it took so long but that I just wanted to wait to make sure they were staying in the Big 12."

The schools still involved in the Big 12 were also part of his thought process in making his final decision.

"With all the Texas schools still in the conference it makes it very exciting to know that I will be playing some of my conference games in my home state every year in front of friends and family," said Brackens.

The 6-foot-2, 200-pound safety also got some insight on Iowa State from another Jared that will be joining the Cyclones this fall.

"I messaged Jared Barnett on Facebook who is also from Texas and he told me he really liked everything about Iowa State," said Brackens. "He said that he thought I would like it but that the weather is definitely different from Texas."

Jared had 2 interceptions and 75 tackles this past season playing strong safety but he will be getting moved to a different position this season.

"The coaches are moving me to linebacker and Iowa State has told me that I could end up staying at linebacker for them," he said. "They like my size and how I move on film but they said it would ultimately come down to how much weight I put on this season in regards to me playing linebacker for Iowa State."

Jared has not yet been to Iowa State but is already looking to set up at least one visit to Ames.

"I might be coming up there this summer for one visit and I know that I'll be coming up for a game this fall," he said.

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